RV Campers


Right now, there are a approximately six spots with water & 30 amp electrical hookups located trackside.  These hookups are for members and limited guests on the occasional weekend outing. These spaces are handed out in first come, first served basis.  Club members are given preference for these spots.  

The ILS can host trackside campers that are self sufficient (Dry campers). Generators are okay, but this is a park setting and we ask that you only run the quiet RV type generators.  Water is available to fill tanks.



Those desiring electrical hookups can rent a space from the Johnson County Park (JCP) System.  They operate their own RV park.  The JCP RV park is located less than one mile north of the track.  The telephone number for the Johnson County Camp Grounds is  (812) 526-6809.

When you speak with JCP, you may want to ask if there is space at the Hoosier Horse Park RV Lot, which is just a block north of the track.


For those who are interested in staying in a park with a few more amenities, the Driftwood Camping Center is located on US 31 in Edinburgh.  It is opposite from the very large Edinburgh Premium Outlets  and has 50 campsites with year-round hookups, playground and shelter house.  Their telephone number is (812-526-6422)


Tent Campers

Unfortunately, Johnson County Park has outlawed tent camping anywhere in the park, until this changes we cannot allow any tent camping on our grounds.

The building in the picture above has men and women's bathroom facilities, we also have a shower in the men's restroom (the guys and gals will have to take turns).  Hey RV'ers.  If you want to wait in line, we have a real shower available.  

The only thing we ask is that you be mindful of others.

Fortunately, we also will usually have access to another Restroom/ Bath house across Schoolhouse Road from the train layout.  Sure, it is a little less convenient, but it will get you clean after a long day of coal smoke and cinders....


Things to Do

While in town, you or your spouse may want to take a break from train playing and take a short country drive to Nashville, IN to enjoy a historic arts town, situated  in the middle of Brown County, one of Indiana's most beautiful places.  


If you or your spouse likes to golf when not riding trains, the Whispering Pines Golf Course is part of the Johnson County Parks system and a short walk from the track. Finally, for those of you all who have an interest in smaller trains, the Columbus Area Railroad Club is also located in the Johnson County Park Office at the rear of the building.       

Page last updated 06/21/18