Several members have projects under construction pictures and descriptions will be added as they are received by the Webmaster.


John Herman is Building A replica of #9000 the first Oil electric used transcontinental on the Canadian National Railroad in about 1930. With the talents of John Huizenga taking over when the builders skills are completely lacking brake cylinders ,equalizing, and gearing to motors completed. Unit 1 had its first run at the track with good sucess.


Dave Kirch Is Building A 10 Wheeler. Pictures of boring cylinder, frame, running gear/with breaks and lead truck.

And other members with units under construction.

John McDaniel

Dan Racke Electric Box Cab Running successfully, seen on track from time to time.

Brad Lane Gas powered. Running successfully at the track. The body work is now done. This has turned out to be a beautiful engine which performs well.

Charles Robins ten wheeler steamer

John Huizenga was building a gas powered Dash 9 for a former member. The rolling chassis was tested recently, and the power plant is on hand.




John mounted the engine, clutch, parking brake, hydraulic and belly tanks, and hydrostatic drive to this engine, getting it almost ready to run. Tom Wade bought it and finished up the hydraulic lines and controller for the hyrdostat, added a battery, then took the engine for a short test run on the track. Still needs all the electrics remoted, a choke added, and a bell, horn and body.

John also built a near twin of this engine, (but with a more suitable gasoline engine), got it finished and detailed, for Dick Bray.