50th Anniversary Photos

Captions numbers refer to Picture Id captions will update ASAP with text descriptions.

John and Dave doing track repair.15461 Checking curve alignment. 15582 Steaming up in the Bays. vc334 Readying to run in the upper yard. vc336 Enjoying the Tent and relaxting at the Run. vc337
vc339 vc341 vc385 vc344 vc345
Weighing in on the new Scales. vc347 vc387 vc360 vc369 vc374
vc381 Our Info Center and RR Lanterns. vc343 Our 50th Cake. vc396 vc353 vc402
Pres and Brd. Chair Cutting cake. vc398 Lower yard. vc407 Elaine on her first Steam run.vc412 Peggy running their electric. vc390 vc409
Short naps help. vc400 md694 md695 md696 md697
Full load heading in to the woods. md707 md715 Don and his brass beauty. md717 md721 Bill out for a run. md723
md732 The Water and Coaling tower inthe lower yard. md741 Anniversary group picture. md757 Anniversary group picture. md777 Anniversary group picture. md778
Peggy on a steamer. md778p md791 Jerry on his enginemd794 Jim on his engine. md795 Ron with his engine. md797
Francis on his train.md798 Russ with his steamer. md801 Don with his electric. md810 md811 Running Sections. md814
Clarence on his electric. md815 Jeff on the new club engine. md820 Johns Electric. md821 md822 Our  club engine rebuilt and still runing after many years. md827
md828 Some of the rolling stock  in the upper yard. md831 Our ladies playing Mexican train Dominoes. md835 md836 Bills engine in the Bay. md839
Francis taking a break in the shade. vc357

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