2006 Dog Daze of Summer Fun Run


The Indiana Live Steamers hosted its Inagural Dog Daze of Summer Fun Run on August 04 - 06, 2006.  It was a well attended meet with almost 75 guests.  It seemed like everyone had a good time and was quite happy that they came to see us.  It was hard to know who was having a better time, the ILS members or our guests.


Clubs Represented:

Chattanooga Society of


          Model Engineers


Falls City Live Steamers


Illinois Live Steamers


New Unionville and Western


Western Illinois Railroad


White Creek Railroad


Cincinatti Cinder Sniffers

Great Lakes Live Steamers

Heavenly Hilltop Railroad

MidSouth Live Steamers

Paoli Western Railroad



We also had several guests with no club affiliation.  They came from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Tennessee.  Wow, we were really fortunate to have such visitors...


Okay, now here is the part you really want:


Meet Pics 1-25

Meet Pics 26-50

Meet Pics 51-75

Meet Pics 76-100


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