2009 Dog Daze of Summer Fun Run


The Indiana Live Steamers hosted its Annual Dog Daze of Summer Run on August 14-16, 2009.  It was a well attended meet with almost 65 present. Everyone had a good time and was quite happy that they came to join us in running our trains.  It was hard to know who was having a better time, the ILS members or our guests.

Wow, we were really fortunate to have such visitors.


Clubs Represented:

Mid-South Live Steam

Illinois Live Steamers

Mill Creek Central

Florida Live Steamers

Ozark Live Steamers

Cinders Sniffers

LA Live Steamers




 Okay, now here is the part you really want:

These are some of the Photos that were kindly taken by Anthony Wilson. He spent three days following us around and taking over 600 pictures editing and creating a DVD with a slide show that takes about 1.5 hours to view. We wish to thank him for his time and effort.

 Meet Pics 1-25

Meet Pics 26-50

Meet Pics 51-73

Meet Pics All


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