Welcome to a favorite spot for most. On this page, you will find pictures of public run days, meets and good seasonal shots.  Just click on a link to open a photo album.  Each album will open in a new window.

We will get new pictures posted as quick as possible.  Check back often and enjoy photos taken from various times of the year.  We will remove older pictures when we need to free up space on the server.  



Summer Pictures

Dog Daze of Summer Fun 2014

Dog Daze of Summer Fun 2010

Dog Daze of Summer Fun 2009

50th Anniversary Run 2007

Dog Daze of Summer Fun 2006


Fall Pictures

October 2010 Run Day


Heart Nut Festivals Pictures

Heartnut Festival Run 2006


Just for Fun Pictures     (updating soon)

General running

Just sitting Around


Excursion Pictures    

Our First Two Excursions

Not Very Much Fun Pictures    

The Great Flood of 2008

Construction Pictures    

Phase 3 Construction
Huizenga Annex Construction

If you would like a copy of any particular image,  Please send an e-mail to the ILS Information Bureau of the Indiana Live Steamers organization.  There may be a small charge to cover the cost of printing, materials and postage.