Moving equipment and storing it at meets and between runs require yards, steaming bays, transfer tables, a turntable and an unloading area , as well as motive power and planning.

Lower Yard With 10 storage tracks for rolling stock.

Upper Yard with 11 leads to transfer table to building tracks. We allow the rental of  8 storage tracks in our main building for our active members. We currently are planning to expand our building to allow for more storage and work area.

In the unloading area our transfer table connects to 2 mainline leads, a lead to the turntable and to several steaming bays. The unloader adjusts from about 14" to 40" in height, is 20' long and rolls on steel track and rollers from truck/trailer to the appropriate lead. We also have a scale on our 2nd mainline that allows us to weigh each axle of the equipment that is used on our track.

We pride ourselves on the ability to have fun without over exertion. We enjoy running our trains and maintaining safe and easy ways to load and unload it with minimum effort.