These trains are not an amusement ride.  They are a transportation system.  Safety is our first concern, so help us make you journey a memoriable one by following these simple rules:

For Passengers


For Train Crews


While the rules listed above are based primarily on common sense, the official ILS operational rules are available in Portable Document Format (.pdf).  You can download all of the rules in one booklet at the link below:


Complete Operational Rules Booklet


You may also choose just the section you need by clicking one of the parts listed below:


PART A - General Rules

PART B - General Passenger Rules (not crew, friends or relatives)

PART C - Engineers and Train Crews

PART D - Fire Safety

PART E - Inspections of Club Owned Train Equipment

PART F - Inspections of Member Owned Train Equipment

PART G - Inspections of Visitor Owned Train Equipment

PART H - Boiler Testing for all Steam Powered Equipment

PART I - New Member Information

PART J - Member Information


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