Layout Acreage

34 Acres  or   1,481,040 Square Feet

Track Completion Percentage:

Phase I - 100%  (16 acres)

Phase II - 100% (12 acres)

Phase III - 10% (06 acres)

Mainline Run

Uni-directional operation - 7,000 feet

Point-to-point operation - 14,000 feet

Track Gauge

 7.5 inches

Track Material

1" Aluminum Rail with wood ties and Train Mountain tie plates - 60% of mainline railroad

1" Aluminum Rail with plastic ties - 30% of mainline railroad

1/2" x 1" steel bar stock mounted to wood ties - 10% of mainline railroad

Several sizes of crushed limestone ballast support the track

Steel bar stock rail on wood ties in yards

Minimum Radius

60 feet

Largest Radius

100 feet

Turn table 20 feet

Siding Statistics

Furnas Mill Siding: 10 car capacity

Pisgah Siding: 10 car capacity

Summit Siding: 10 car capacity

Kansas Siding: 10 car capacity

Snake tree Siding: 10 car capacity

Walnut  Siding: 10 car capacity

Mainline Switches

#8 or greater, approximately 30 switches on the railroad

1 - Double crossover

Secondary Switches

Approximately 30 switches in yards, some are 3-way switches

Offloading Area

Can accommodate approximately 53' trailer with a good driver

Steaming Bays

9 bays with water supply, air and electricity


2 Yards:

Nebo Yard has  approximately 10 tracks


Hadley Yard has approximately 7 tracks


Prairie Wye

Woods Wye


Point-to-Point or continuous depending on switch alignment

Number of grade crossings:

Primary roads: 4 (2 protected with signals; 2 on closed road)