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Finally, it is here.  Video segments of activities around the ILS track.  These files are compressed as much as possible.  The files are still large.  If you are not on a Broadband connection, your are strongly discouraged from downloading these files.

Steaming Bays (6.1 Mb)

This is a quick video that shows the steaming of the Heisler locomotive belonging to John Huzeinga and an overview of the (un)loading facilities and steaming bays at the ILS track. Note: Since the production of this video clip, John has sold this locomotive. It now serves as an office display piece for a construction company in Florida.

The Goat Engine (8.9 Mb)



Track Tour


The following clips are a tour of the Indiana Live Steamers track.  The clips are in order and should provide a fairly good overview of a portion of Phase I and Phase II of our track.

Track Tour Clip 1

In this segment, we leave the McClain Cabin Station and head to North Wye.

Track Tour Clip 2

From North Wye, our train heads east and completes a 180 degree turn to the Yard Limit for Mt. Nebo Yard

Track Tour Clip 3

This short clip shows a portion of Mt. Nebo Yard as the train holds the main through the yard and into Huizenga Junction.

Track Tour Clip 4

Heading across Huizenga Junction, the train returns back to the North Wye from the other direction.  Essentially, the train has completed one reversing loop section at this point.

Track Tour Clip  5

The train travels south from the North Wye down to McClain Cabin station.  There is no stop, because this train is in the middle of its run and is simply heading past the station on the mainline.

Track Tour Clip 6

This train has left Phase I track and enters Phase II track.  We will cross Potter Bridge and then climb the steepest grade of our railroad prior to the siding.

Track Tour Clip ??

Check back, we will get more sections up as time permits.


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