Railroads use bridges to maintain the track grade when options such as fills are not possible.  Modelers in smaller scales sometimes simulate giant gorges and spindly trestles.  Without a doubt, that would be neat to see in 1.5" scale.  While some clubs have achieved this, it is quite difficult to excavate and contour the ground.  So, ILS simply relies on its bridges to cross minor geographic obstacles.  

Regardless of the size of the bridge, one can experience the change in sound and feeling one experiences while crossing a bridge or trestle.  We designed this page to highlight those type of structures along the ILS right of way.

Broken Toe Bridge -  

While it is quite safe now, this bridge got its name from the pain inflicted to its builder when it was first constructed.  This bridge is located on the far end of Phase II and was built in 2005.  This bridge consists of a long curved trestle that joins a three span deck bridge on the west end.  Click here for more information and construction photos of this bridge.


Pedigo Bridge -

Pete Pedigo designed and built this  plate girder type bridge that carries the Indiana Live Steamers name.  This bridge is the center piece of Phase I and crosses the reversing loop tracks that form an over and under setup.  This bridge was built in 1999.


Potter Bridge -

Named after the structural engineer that drew the plans for this bridge, Potter bridge is situated just south of the McClain Cabin Station and runs parallel to Schoolhouse Road.  People in passing cars seem to not pay much attention to our trains or tracks until they see the trains cross this unique through truss span.

Click here for more information and construction photos of this bridge.

There are several other small trestles on the layout.  As time permits, these structures may be reconstructed to become more prototypical in appearance.  When this happens, we will make them featured bridges as well.