So, you say you want to visit the railroad....


Well, then... ALL ABOARD !!!!

Bring your friends, your family, or anyone who would like the experience of traveling the rails on this miniature transportation network.  The Indiana Live Steamers is ready to take you on a memorable journey through forested park land, over several bridges, across wide open prairies, and along cattail lined creeks.

Sometimes, trains are powered by engines that look like diesels of modern day.  Lucky visitors will get to ride behind steam engines. That's right real steam powered engines, just like the ones that ran in the early part of the 20th Century.

Public loading is done at our loading Platform Located by the McClain Cabin. Five generations of McClains were raised in this historic cabin, which is believed to be the oldest home in Johnson County. The cabin was moved to this site about 30 years ago. During the Heart Nut Festival the Cabin is used for displays and usually has weavers and spinners on the front porch.




Parking is available at the McClain Cabin Station. This is the place where all public passengers are required to board the train.  The route covers a distance of approximately 10.25 scale miles (6700 feet) and takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes.  Most passengers de-train at The Woodlands Station, a short walk to the McClain Cabin parking area. Other passengers may choose to disembark at either Nebo Station, or Whistle Stop Station.

To offset club expenses, a small fee is charged for the trip.  The  route costs $4.00 per person. We now accept credit cards, if paying by cash small bills are appreciated.  Thank you for understanding that we have expenses that must be met.

Your engineer and conductor will make your journey safe and fun.  Please be on your best behavior and ensure that your children are too.  The engineer and/or the conductor has the right to stop the train and remove passengers who are a danger to themselves or other passengers.  Please review the Track Safety page for information about proper behavior on the trains.  

PLEASE NOTE: While removal from the train is rare, the fare paid to ride the train is forfeited upon removal.  Wow, that is just like the full-size railroads!

All passengers are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.  Shoes are required.  Please be aware that the steam engines may emit soot and other particles that could ruin good clothes.  If you wear really nice clothes to ride the trains, the club suggests that you ride behind the diesel engines.

All right, quit reading and come see us.  Trains are in operation on the third Saturday of every month May thru October, weather permitting.  Hours of operation are 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m, however, ticket sales will stop at 3:45 pm. See the Calendar page for more information.